Installing a New Digital Programmable Thermostat

programmable thermostatDigital programmable thermostats are becoming more and more popular these days due to constantly rising utility bills. A digital programmable thermostat helps make your home more comfortable and allows you to save more energy. Programmable thermostats are better than rotary thermostats because they allow you to program and control your home’s temperature. You can program your thermostat to save energy when you are not home to reduce your utility
bills. Digital programmable thermostats are quite easy to install if you have some basic technical know-how. Continue reading to learn how to install these one of these new digital programmable thermostats in your home.

Removing the Old Thermostat

Before installing your new digital thermostat, you must first turn off the air conditioner or
furnace. Once the air conditioner or furnace is turned off, you can start removing your old
thermostat. Some thermostats require you to remove the cover first before you can remove the
thermostat itself. If you can’t pull the cover off, you may have to loosen some screws first in
order to remove it. Once the cover is detached, you will see a glass tube that is filled with silvery
liquid. The silvery liquid is mercury and very toxic, so avoid breaking the glass while removing
your old thermostat. You will also notice some thin thermostat wires. Loosen the screws that
are holding the wires in place and remove the wires. Avoid touching two wires at the same time
because doing so will cause a light electric shock. After removing the wires, unscrew the back
plate and take the old thermostat out of the wall. Make sure that the wires do not get inside the
wall because they are very tricky to fish back out.

Installing your New Thermostat

After removing your old thermostat, get the back plate of your new digital thermostat and then
place it on the spot where your old thermostat was. Check if the plate is level using a torpedo
level. Once the thermostat’s back plate is level, use a pencil to mark the spots where the back
plate’s screws will be screwed. Use a thin drill bit or a thin screwdriver to punch holes into the
spots that you marked with your pencil. Get the plastic anchors of your new thermostat and insert
them into the holes.

Next, you will need to fish out the wires through hole of the new back plate. After fishing out
the wires, screw the new plate into the anchors. Read the installation manual to learn how to
connect the wires on the wall to the terminals of your new thermostat. The terminals of most
thermostats are usually marked with “Y” for yellow wire, “G” for green wire, “R” for red wire,
and so on. After connecting the wires to the proper terminals, snap the cover in place and pop in
the necessary battery. Try turning the power back on to see if the thermostat is working properly.
Congratulations! You have successfully installed your new digital thermostat!

Operating your New Digital Thermostat

Read the instruction manual that came with your new digital programmable thermostat to
learn how to set the time and date and program the time slots. In the winter season, program
the thermostat for cooler temperatures during nights and when no one is home. In the summer
season, program your thermostat for warmer temperatures during the same periods. If you use

your new thermostat correctly, you will soon see an improvement in your home’s utility bill.
You will also notice an improvement in the comfort level of your home because programmable
thermostats are more efficient than rotary thermostats.

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